Central Electronic
Management System

The essential management & monitoring tool for your gaming organisation.


Secure access to real-time systems information via the CEMS web portal, aiding and faciliating accurate decision making through the use of these key services.

User Management & Control

Run your business with the confidence that your sensitive data is secure and protected. Our advanced user permissions tool helps you ensure that the right people have access to the right information.

Consolidated Dashboard

Make informed decisions about your business with our consolidated data dashboard, giving you a bird's eye perspective of all your operations in real-time and allowing you to drill-down into the detail as you see fit.

Remote Enable / Disable

Quickly and securely enable or disable machines & gaming devices in all of your operations from the comfort of one central location, whether they're across the street or on the other side of the country.

Data & Statistics

Connecting your devices to our Central Electronic Management System gives you complete access to core data and insightful statistics that can be used to keep your operations running smoothly.

Site & Company Income

Get a snapshot of both individual and consolidated income figures for your sites and your company as a whole.

Highest Grossing Sites

See which of your sites are outperforming the rest and utilise this information to increase performance.

Advanced Reporting

Drill-down into your data and get the most out of the system through standard and customised reporting.

Event Alerts

Use the system to push real-time alerts for machine related events and ensure you are always informed.

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